Sales policy

1. Rules and forms of payment
– For online orders, customers can pay in one of two ways:

    Payment by bank transfer:

  • Account number: 020096828080
  • Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank)
  • Beneficiary: Aerosoft Co., Ltd
  • Content: Done payment – ​​ID …….

o Online payment: Customers can pay through the payment gateway step by step as instructed on the website (this form is under development)
– For contracts with AeroSoft, we will take 50% of the contract value in advance to make the project implementation cost. After finishing the work, we will take 50% of the remaining amount of the customer as specified in the contract.
– All revenues from AeroSoft have full invoices and documents to create trust with customers.
– For additional services outside the contract, we will discuss with you and only pay 1 time after the work has been completed.

2. Delivery policy
– Invoice notification and order confirmation will be emailed to you once payment is completed.
– Your order processing time depends on the payment method you have selected. Usually no more than 30 minutes for online payment during opening hours, up to 24h (except in special cases, we will send it to your email).
– The exchange of ideas will be done via Email. After forming the idea, we will announce the specific time to complete the demo of the Website. In the demo for the website,
– You can contact us if you want to add ideas for the project (Note: Your change of ideas will affect the completion time of the project. Therefore, every time there is a change in ideas. thought, we’ll resend a confirmation email about the completion time).
– Website will be handed over after the buyer checks and is satisfied with the demo (Note: After handing over the Website, all issues related to Website editing will be supported in the form of a fee.)
– If you have any problems with us, please feel free to contact us!

3. Warranty/maintenance policy
– All products made by AeroSoft are warranted for 12 months from the date of project handover. We only guarantee the error cases arising from our side such as code errors, unrelated errors, we will give solutions to customers.
– About the web design service we provide customers with 1 year of free hosting, so in the first year of use, if there are any problems related to the hosting service we provide, we will fix it for you. After the expiration of one year, if you do not want to use our hosting, we are not responsible for any errors related to the external hosting service.
– The warranty period is at least 24 hours since receiving information from you, excluding holidays. All information we contact via email, or online chat tools.
– When needing warranty support, customers can contact us by the following methods:
• Email: [email protected]
• Call: +84 76 829 7254
• Go directly to the address: 10th Floor, Viet A Building, 9 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi

4. Refund Policy
– All orders at will not be refunded after payment under any circumstances. Orders that have defects and are covered by the warranty will be subject to the Warranty Policy as mentioned above.
– Customers please refer to’s policy before making payment.

5. Checking policy

– Our service does not apply the policy of checking goods before payment, but in the process of providing services, the exchange of ideas will be done via Email. In the demo for the website, customers can contact us if they want to add ideas for the project.
– After the demo website is completed, customers can check it out. The website will be handed over after the customer is satisfied with the demo.

6. Responsibilities towards forwarding service providers
– Aerosoft directly delivers products/services to customers. Aerosoft is committed to providing services in accordance with the requirements and standards set out and agreed upon in the cooperation contract; commitment to implement the delivery policy and warranty policy if causing damage to the buyer.
– Aerosoft will provide documents related to products/services (if any) when requested by competent state management agencies during service provision.